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Alto Molise: the ancient sound of bells

All of us, in our daily lives, directly or indirectly, we were listening to the sound of bells. But in a few places you will be the question of the origin and provenance of this object, which can be considered, to all intents and purposes, a real musical instrument. To clarify our doubts helps the ancient town of Agnone. Here is the Marinelli Foundry brothers One of the few existing generations continues this ancient tradition, where you can visit a well-equipped museum rich in unique. Agnone is also known for the production of the renowned caciocavalli, the ancient filled wafers, and for machining knives and copper objects. Not far from the archaeological site of Pietrabbondante ...

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Molise: la valle del Volturno

A journey along the largest river in southern Italy. Along its banks are still preserves the atmosphere of a time. It is the most important river of southern Italy, its habitat, surrounded by a unique magic, welcomes an important and delicate ecosystem, home to many species of water birds that nest there and live there. Outside of every tourist route, the valley of the Volturno, Molise tract of interest here, which goes from the source to the border with Campania, allows us to make a living where everything has the taste of a time when the noise were muffled, the environment was pristine and the people still had the genuineness of the past, and the time seems to have stopped. To make a frame to the river, out of sight, the beautiful peaks of Mainarde and Matese. Heart of the whole journey is Venafro, historic town of pre-Roman origins, which houses an interesting religious path that goes from Romanesque to Neoclassical and a remarkable series of palaces of the landed gentry of mid-nineteenth century, some of which are used for Bed & Breakfast .. .

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